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Key outcomes

  • 12% increase in room occupancy rate in a single year
  • Increase repeat business
  • Instant sales reporting for management
  • Local brand consistency and goodwill
  • Major reductions in mailing costs
  • Grew annual revenues by more than 20%
  • Faster customer service response times
  • Faster follow-up on sales leads
  • Increased sales close rate, closing nearly all deals
  • Increased market share.

Customer Relationship Management

Harrison Hot Spring

Harrison Hot Springs is a world- renowned resort. They are committed to build enduring relationships with profitable customers, personalize the hotel shopping experience and ultimately drive hotel room occupancy rates and gross profits.
To do this, Harrison required an effective internal management platform to personalize marketing messages, deliver leads in a cost-effective format, and capture key information from each interaction with hotel guests and potential travelers.

What We Delivered:

Fully-customized CRM system to support your business

  • Evilnut designed a fully-customized CRM system which aimed to improve the team’s operations efficiency, cut costs, and generate more leads.

  • The system enables hotel executives to automate and manage the growing requests of their hospitality business, from distribution channels to property operations, and also real-time guest requests.

  • In a single year the hotel has seen a 14% jump in hotel occupancy while adding to administrative efficiency with help from the new CRM system.

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