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Businesses leverage several different digital marketing channels such as social media, websites, emails, search engines, and online ads to carry out marketing motives of product awareness, user engagement, and connecting with customers.

Businesses often make one of the BIGGEST mistakes by lacking the foundational understanding of how digital marketing really works. Because of this, resources, money, and time are wasted on advertising campaigns – without any realization of what exactly is being done incorrectly.

There are several ways to make mistakes when it comes to digital marketing – 5 of these mistakes are highlighted below.

1. Not Tracking Your Results

Do you know how to measure and track all your campaigns? What sort of metrics are you usually looking for? Do you know how to calculate marketing ROI?

In general, websites measure and track on a limited and superficial level. They measure views, engagement numbers, and a few other things, but they don’t track how much money you make off each ad or campaign.

While most businesses are unaware of how much money their campaigns actually bring in, this is obviously not true for all businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses still do not track basic key performance indicators for their marketing.

It is important to track exactly how much money you make for every dollar you spend on your advertising campaign. For example, you should know for each $1.00 you spend on a specific digital marketing channel whether you make $0.75 or $1.25 in revenue. These numbers are the difference between bankruptcy or success for your business. Therefore, always track each channel and your ROI as precisely as possible.

2. AdBlockers

Digital marketing can get lost in the online white noise that exists. Businesses do not quite understand that just because an ad can be seen, does not mean that it will be seen. Most digital advertising is not being viewed at all or viewers spend less than 2 seconds on each ad.

How many of you are using AdBlock on your browsers? How many ads have AdBlock blocked? Probably a lot!

However, another thing to note is that ad-blocking is less common on mobile platforms and apps – giving mobile ads a definitive edge over other forms of online ads.

3. No Call-to-Action

Do you have a clear call-to-action on your ad? In each individual ad, you should tell the target audience exactly what to do next – do you want them to call a number? Click on the ad? Visit a website?

In any case, when the potential client/customer sees your ad, service, product, or offer/promotion, you want them to take a next single action. The best way to do this is to provide no other options. For example, if it is an ad, clarify that they need to click or call that’s it! If it’s a website, just have one link on the page and nothing else. Simple as that.

4. Multiple Goals or No Goal at all

Another reason why digital marketing fails is because businesses try to achieve everything at once. You must accurately define the objectives of your campaign with a single goal that needs to be fulfilled.

Propose a digital marketing strategy for each individual goal you want to achieve. For example, develop one strategy for increasing leads, another for sales, and so on. A strategy that does have a set goal will reap varied and non-tangible results which only wastes time and resources

5. Fraud on Social Media

Any social media that uses email addresses for sign-ups holds an ENORMOUS number of fake users, right? RIGHT!

So, why are you spending money for the sake of spending? You spend so much money and time on FAKE users with very little to show for at the end of the day.

One good strategy is to target and focus on platforms that try to counter and block spam bots and fake users. Such platforms ensure the money that is spent on advertising is used to attract real customers and each page view is actually a potential user. A good example of such a platform is WeChat.

These minor but significant changes to your digital marketing campaign can take only a few minutes to implement, but they can dramatically increase the returns.

At Evilnut, we are all about the results. We are skilled Web and App developers who uncover your market and how to engage them using content. We drive traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and other tactics, which we convert into paying customers.
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