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The story of Evilnut Technology begins, as all good stories do with a hero. Meet Scott Meng, CEO and founder of Evilnut Technology.

Here he is in what is absolutely his most recent photo.

scott Meng evilnut technology vancouver start-up web design

Scott Meng– CEO, Baller, Aspiring Hair Model

Scott Meng started Evilnut Technology in 2013 after graduating from Computer Science at SFU. Sadly, this meant he had to leave his promising basketball career behind— a departure that no doubt left many NBA talent scouts brokenhearted. But Scott was about to be doing plenty of jumping and, after many long nights of coding, a little dribbling too.

“We didn’t start Evilnut in a garage!”  Scott claims, adamantly. “Make sure you write that.”

Evilnut Technology started out, not in a garage, but in a tiny-tiny office in Metrotown, Burnaby. A garage would have been bigger. But at least there was a window.

Why Evilnut?

We thought that the name Bad Apple would set us up for a lawsuit. Actually, Scott chose the name Evilnut because he initially intended to start a gaming company. (Check out our Everyone is Undead App, available free for iPhone). Evilnut is a… (cough, cough) “unique” name– conjuring up the image of a mad scientist, or perhaps a badly behaved acorn.

Evilnut Technology, Vancouver Web Design, Vancouver Web Development, Vancouver App development

                —An Old Evilnut Logo

As the company has moved into digital marketing, there has been some talk of rebranding. But Evilnut is already a successful brand, and, besides, we’re happy to be a little strange.

Evilnut Technology, Vancouver Web Design, Vancouver Web Development, Vancouver App Development

An early success for Evilnut

In 2014, Rayacom approached Scott for help in designing a new website. The need for a new website hinted at the need for a streamlined eCommerce solution, which subsequently led to a complete redesign of Rayacom’s ordering system, including a new CRM platform. Outfitted with all this new technical hardware, Rayacom was ready to expand its operations nationwide. Since partnering with Evilnut Technology, Rayacom has opened 13 new branches and grown into Canada’s leading full-service print and design provider.

As the Evilnut team continued to expand to include more talented coders, the cubbyhole office became increasingly cramped with all that brilliance and coder-sweat.

“It’s great when ideas are flying, not so good when it’s elbows,” Scott reflects. “It was time to move.”

A New Home on 333 Terminal Ave

To accommodate our growing team, Scott moved Evilnut first to an office in Richmond and then again to our current location at 333 Terminal Ave. Here we have a great view, meeting rooms, and adequate space for our colossal whiteboards.


evilnut technology, Vancouver Web Design, Vancouver Web Development, Vancouver app development

–Digital Marketing at Evilnut Technology

evilnut technology, vancouver web development, vancouver app development

Growing like an Evilnut

Last year, Scott opened up a second office in Beijing and a satellite office in Toronto. Maintaining an active presence in Beijing is a cornerstone of Evilnut’s long-term growth strategy. China is the world’s largest market for mobile app development; accounting for a full one-third of all downloads. There is no shortage of Chinese companies looking to expand into North America and no shortage of Canadian Companies looking to reach Chinese customers. By building a bridge between Canada and China, we’re able to offer our clients access to diverse and emerging markets.



In 2015, we worked with Vancouver Coastal Health to design an elegant, modern website for VCH Workability—helping millions of VCH patients get access to important healthcare services.

Recently, we’ve been working with Harrison Hot Springs Resort on a new website and rebrand. One perk of this partnership? Free soaks in their majestic hot springs!

                      An Evilnut Developer takes a soak. Credit: Ben Torobe


Evilnut may be nuts, but we’re hardly evil. We are committed to educating new and upcoming talent. This spring of 2017 we’re partnering with Cornerstone College on an international teaching and internship program called IO Academy. We’re looking to mentor promising young developers and offer them paid internships. 20 eager students arrive this May and we can’t wait to show them all the sights and attractions of Vancouver. Whistler weekend anyone?

In three short years, Scott Meng has managed to create a successful start-up that continues to grow. As the company has matured, it has come to include business developers, graphic designers, marketers, and, of course, brilliant full-stack developers including our Project Managers Tony Huang and Leon Zhu.

Evilnut Technology, Vancouver Web Design, Vancouver Web Development, Vancouver App development


What does the future of Evilnut hold?

We’ve put out roots, opened branches, flourished. In 2017, we’re working on  our top-secret marketing platform, app development, our IO Academy and, of  course, innovative digital marketing strategies.





“We’re young and passionate, but, most of all, we’re committed to creating real value for our clients. The world is becoming ever more digital. Companies need more than a great website. They need eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization, and digital marketing campaigns. And more and more businesses are looking to develop their own mobile apps. Evilnut has the experience, the skills, and the passion to help our clients achieve success in the digital age.“—Scott Meng

Evilnut Technology, Vancouver Web Design, Vancouver Web Development, Vancouver App development Scott Meng

At Evilnut, we are all about the results. We are skilled Web and App developers who uncover your market and how to engage them using content. We drive traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and other tactics, which we convert into paying customers.
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