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If you work in the BC Hotel or Tourism industry, you already know that BC is the best place on the planet. Let the rest of the world know how great BC is, by using Social Media, Digital Marketing, and having a great Website. The good news for the BC Hospitality and Tourism Industry is that the rest of the world is quickly catching on to just how phenomenal BC really is.

The tourism industry is booming in BC.  “With $14.6 billion generated in revenue in 2014, tourism is outpacing forestry, agriculture and fishing as a leading industry for the province.” ( BC Tourism ). And for good reason! We’ve got mountains, ocean, and huge swaths of protected coastal rainforest. For the urbanite, you can’t beat Vancouver’s vibrant cultural scene, where different cultures mix and mingle and dance and cook up delicious offerings.

Check out Evilnut Technology’s list of 5 ways you can market your BC Hotel, Inn, or B&B:

1. Have a Great Website

It’s 2017! Time to shelve that old website and revitalize your brand. Your website is the virtual lobby for your business. Make it pop and lightening fast. Make it mobile-friendly. If it looks like it’s from the 90’s, or glitches on smartphones, then your potential customers will move on to the pretty website next door. Harrison Hot Springs Resort recognized that their website was no longer reflecting the high quality of their services and amenities. They got in touch with Evilnut and we’re currently building them a gorgeous new website that shows off all the beauty of the hot springs and the elegance of their resort.

2. Be International

Your Business might be in North Van, but your customers are from China, the UK, Australia…you get the idea. ( BC Tourism ) How are you reaching out to them? Say hello to tourists from Beijing with help from Evilnut Technology (Yes, we speak Chinese). Or get started marketing your business to American cruise ship passengers with a targeted digital marketing campaign.

3. Make a Video

It’s hard to overestimate the power of video. And with smartphones getting ever more powerful, it’s easier than ever to get started with a video marketing campaign. Tell the story of your guests, a couple on a getaway, a family on vacation, and let people see how great it would be to escape it all. Need help getting started? It’s easier than you think.

4. Master Social Media

Sometimes all it takes is one great photo. The great thing about Social Media is that it’s free and anything you post has the potential to reach an incredible amount of people. Help your posts go viral by committing a small weekly budget to boosting your posts on Facebook. Twitter lets you chat directly to customers if you have the time. Don’t be afraid to get started, but make sure you put someone you trust behind the helm of your account. One bad post can do major damage to your brand. Include a ton of pictures, or, even better, a video.

5. Optimize Your Website for Google Searches

What happens when someone searches your city for a hotel? Is your website the first thing displayed on Google? Hopefully, your website isn’t buried on page 3 of Google Search. But if it is, don’t despair. Search Engine Optimization allows you to optimize your website and content for Google, bumping your website way up the queue. You can improve your Google Score by producing quality content, linking to social media, and having a fast website. This is a long-term strategy, but with a bit of work your website can generate more traffic, get you more customers, and keep those rooms full of happy guests.

British Columbia no longer calls itself the Best Place on Earth. That logo was just a wee bit too smug for BC residents (they are Canadian after all). It was dropped in 2011 and replaced with Beautiful British Columbia,  a slogan still stamped on our license plates. In the tourism industry, your job is to convince people that BC really is the best place on Earth. Not a tough sell! With all the natural beauty and cultural attractions, the rest of the world is clamoring to visit us. Help future guests find your business by getting started with these 5 marketing strategies and with a little help from Evilnut Technology.

By Connal McNamara


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