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We Raised Auviato ‘s Conversion Rate By 84%

Auviato is a manufacturing company that makes precision-made vehicle window screens. They had great success with their niche marketing campaigns, generating a 3k uniques to their site each month. But they were struggling to convert that traffic into revenue

The problem was Auviato’s website. The calls to action were not clear, the user experience was confusing, the load time of the site was slow and the mobile experience was seriously broken.
That’s why they called us.

eCommerce website


We leveraged these channels to target a Chinese-speaking customer base and achieved tremendous results for UFV.

What We Delivered:

E-commerce website implementation

  • An 84% increase in Conversion Rate (CR)

  • A corresponding 110% lift in revenue.

  • A 25% improvement in active user rate

  • A 35% increase in Repeat Customer Rate (RCR)

  • A 14% grow in website traffics

Evilnut’s new E-commerce website implementation led directly to a 110% jump in revenue.

  •  A 59% growth in web visits drove by the new Chinese version website

  • Over 10,000 page views gained from the overall Chinese campaign

  • A 56 % increase in Google AdWords traffic

  • Increased brand awareness and market share

  • A 22% increase in registrations from Baidu Adwords

  • 5000+ followers on Chinese social media (Weibo, Wechat, etc.)

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