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The Challenge

Rayacom was looking to expand their brand nationally, but they were hampered by an outdated website, an inefficient ordering system, and a lack of B2B functionality. Ordering products required that customers fill in a spreadsheet manually. The process was time-consuming for both customers and Rayacom distributors. Customers needed a way to customize their orders online, and Rayacom needed a way to track customer orders and sales nationwide. The company also needed a way to efficiently manage their sales records, customer information, and product orders. Once all the technical groundwork was laid, Rayacom needed to position themselves as Canada’s go-to solution for print and design.

E-Commerce & Web Design

Taking Rayacom Nation-Wide

Rayacom is Canada’s leading full-service print, design, and marketing solutions company. They offer a full range of digital printers, offset presses, and bindery equipment for any job, regardless of size or quantity. Rayacom approached Evilnut Creative Technology for help in designing a new website. The need for a new website hinted at the need for a streamlined E-commerce solution, which subsequently led to a complete re-design of Rayacom’s ordering system, including a new CRM platform.

What We Delivered:

  • Website Re-Design

  • Responsive Website Design

  • Advanced Lead Tracking & Analytics

  • Integrated File Transfer Protocol

  • Custom-Built Client Relationship Management Software

  • A Customized E-Commerce Platform & Ordering System

  • Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing

The Result

Evilnut Technology successfully provided Rayacom with a new website, a customized E-commerce platform, and a user-friendly ordering system. We also helped Rayacom to manage their sales, clients, and product stocks with a tailored CRM solution. Outfitted with all this new technical hardware, Rayacom was ready to expand its operations nationwide. Evilnut helped them to reach new customers with an organic SEO strategy and a successful digital marketing campaign. Since partnering with Evilnut Technology, Rayacom has opened 13 new branches and grown into Canada’s leading full-service print and design provider.

The Strategy

Evilnut Technology knew that if Rayacom wanted to expand their operation nation-wide, they needed an intelligent eCommerce solution. Evilnut started by asking how we could make Rayacom the go-to print service provider for every city in Canada. The answer was to build an easy-to-use, highly responsive website, where customers could find what they were looking for, and make safe and secure online purchases. The goal was for Rayacom to offer the extensive services of a big print company with the added convenience of a neighbourhood shop. To make things easier, we added a file transfer protocol, so customers could easily upload print material to Rayacom for copying or alterations. Once we had this built, we wanted to give Rayacom a way to keep track of their customers and sales. With all this powerful tech in place, it was time to take the brand nation-wide. Evilnut Technology designed a digital marketing strategy. Since then, Rayacom has grown from a medium-sized operation to a national brand and a leader in the print and design industry.
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